Evaluation of Financial Statements

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In this series, Anil Lamba has crafted the foundations of finance in an easy-to-understand set of modules. Learn to read financial statements, the principles of good financial management and the knowledge needed to take good financial decisions.

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Ratio Analysis – 38 mins
A three-minute formula to make financial statements?
How do you rearrange financial data in a form suitable for ratio analysis?
How do you create financial statements with ratios? All this is covered in an easy-to-follow manner.

Ratio Analysis Cases – 38 mins
Understand the concept with the help of cases so you learn quicker and in terms of real world business landscape.

Funds Flow Analysis – 38 mins
How to Make Funds Flow Statements – Gain valuable insights into the functioning of an organisation with fund flow analysis. Learn to ask relevant questions with these statements.

Funds Flow Analysis –38 mins
How to Read Funds Flow Statements – A fund flow statement is as important as a P/L Ac or B/S. Learn how to make these statements through simple steps.

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