Business Finance Essentials

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In this advanced series, learn to gain valuable insights into how your organisation is functioning. Learn to ask relevant questions and categorise every decision in terms of financial benefit.
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Understanding Financial Statements – 38 mins
A three-minute formula to make financial statements?
That’s right! Along with gaining the foundation of financial terms like debit, expenses, assets, liabilities and incomes, his course is a power-packed session on the basics without the complications of financial jargon.

What is Profit? – 38 mins
What does profit actually mean? How does expenses and inventory define profit and how it sometimes manipulates it? Get it all from a business’s point of view.

A Closer Look At The Balance Sheet 38 mins
Does looking at the word ‘Liability’ give you a headache? Not when Anil Lamba breaks it down in an easy to understand manner. Understand where the money is invested, where the need for working capital arises and much more.

Two Rules of Good Finance Management – An Overview 38 mins
Good financial management can be arrived at by just two simple steps. Learn how good financial decisions can lead to better management.

Good Finance Management Managing Profitability – 38 mins
Anil Lamba debunks some very common myths associated with the term. Learn all about how an organization should generate returns, at least equal to the weighted average cost of capital.

Good Finance Management Managing Cash Flow 38 mins
Find out what it means to manage cash flow and how it could lead to good financial management.

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