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I am on a mission to increase the financial literacy in the world, and conducting these masterclasses is just one of the many initiatives that I have undertaken this year.

I have got some amazing feedback and response on some of the videos that were released recently on Facebook. Many of you wrote back to me and said these videos were thought provoking and that you wanted more!

In this masterclass that will be available for a very limited time you will be able to learn about:

  • Why Businesses Fail
  • The 3 Drivers of Profit
  • The 2 Pillars on which Successful Companies stand,
  • What are Lazy Assets and how you can make them sweat
  • Raising Capital – Debt or Equity
  • Why Financial Literacy is a MUST

Who will benefit from the Financial Literacy Masterclass?

If you think your actions business impacts the business as a business owner, an employee at any rank, this master class is for you.

Why base business decisions on numbers?

  • Every decision you make impacts the profitability and business performance.
  • Most businesses FAIL because of BAD financial management
  • Numbers can tell you the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of your business.
  • Numbers don’t LIE.

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