Financially Intelligent Organizations

Good Finance Management is the cumulative result of smart financial decision-making on the part of every individual. We, at Lamcon, are now working toward creating Financially Intelligent Organizations (FiO™ s)

For many years now, Lamcon has been engaged in helping individuals become financially intelligent. It is not enough for only a handful of persons within an organization to possess commercial acumen.


The process of creating FiO™ s includes:

  • Studying the organization structure and the role of each employee
  • Providing relevant training in finance to everybody in the organization, at all levels
  • Carrying out a diagnostic study of the accounting system / ERP software in place and suggesting changes, if required
  • Determining the various MIS reports to be generated and recommending who should be the recipients of different reports.
  • Training the recipients to read, interpret and take actions based on the information contained in those reports
  • Hand-holding and providing consultation for a certain period of time to help bring about improvements
  • And then certifying the organization to be Financially Intelligent

An integral part of FiO™ s providing training to everybody in the organization, from top to bottom.

This will be done through:

  • Live face-to-face training programs of varying durations, depending on the employees’ level and role, ranging from one-half day to three days or more
  • Permitting access to online training programs
  • Creating a library of videos which can be viewed from time to time to refresh the concepts learnt
  • Providing books and material to each employee to be used as ready reference
  • It is our hope and dream that, in the years to come, bankers and lenders will be willing to lend and potential shareholders will agree to invest only if the organization is certified as a Financially Intelligent Organization


This to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2-day program on finance for non-finance managers. Indeed, it was a most valuable learning experience which was fun as well.

Fawzia Madni
General Manager, International Marketing
Bajaj Electricals Limited

THANKYOU very much, for the excellent cooperation and wonderful support you have extended during the year, as well as in the past. Training programs conducted by you were very informative and knowledge – driven

G. K. Aithal
Director – Training Centre
The Times Group

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