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Financial Management Tips from the GURU of Finance

Finance Fundamentals

Two Modules : 115 Minutes

Dr. Lamba introduces the two most important financial statements & eliminates a number of misconceptions usually associated with commonly-used-yet-often-misinterpreted terms.
Rs. 5,700.00

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Good Finance Management

Four Modules : 181 Minutes

Learn two golden rules of Good Finance Management. Organisations that abide by these rules achieve sustained growth & success & those that violate them can suffer serious consequences.
Rs. 11,400.00

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Making of a Balance Sheet

Two Modules : 82 Minutes

Learn in a very quick & simple way how to make Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets in both the accountant’s as well as the layperson’s way.
Rs. 5,700.00

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Marginal Costing and Leverage

Six Modules : 279 Minutes

Learn Leverage Analysis, Marginal Costing concepts & its application to take financially profitable decisions. Understand how a certain change in the top-line can cause a disproportionate impact on the profits.
Rs. 17,100.00

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Evaluating Financial Performance

Four Modules : 187 Minutes

Understand two very important tools for evaluating financial statements, Ratio Analysis & Funds Flow Analysis.
Rs. 11,400.00

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Financial Power Pack

All the series and modules by Dr. Anil Lamba bundled into a single course.
Rs. 51,300.00

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