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Dr. Anil Lamba is a coveted speaker at meetings of CII, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, YPO, YI, Conventions and Seminars of Industry Bodies, Associations of Professionals, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and many others across several countries including the USA, Japan, Singapore, India, Dubai, Indonesia and many more.
He is regularly invited as a thought leader in the field of finance, as a keynote speaker, an after-dinner speaker or as a chief-guest at industry association functions.
Dr. Lamba has mastered the art of simplifying complex concepts and keeps his audience spellbound throughout the duration of his talk.

Some of the Recent Talks

Anil Lamba at ISBA Conference

Most Loved Topics for Guest Talks

Romancing the balance sheet

Duration: 2 hours

In this session, Dr. Anil Lamba, author of Romancing the Balance Sheet, will explain his TWO GOLDEN RULES OF GOOD FINANCE MANAGEMENT. His promise is that if businesses ensure that these two rules are not violated, they will not only be able to avoid most of the financial mismanagement related problems, but their business will actually flourish.
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Breakthrough Cost Management Strategies

Duration: 2 Hours

In good times, anybody can make profit. The challenge is to survive during tough times. During the workshop, DR. Anil Lamba will familiarize you with cost management strategies & how to use them in making decisions pertaining to pricing of the product, credit that can be extended, the maximum amount of discount that can be offered.
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Why businesses fail

Duration: 2 Hours

FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT is the result of an erroneous belief that finance management happens only in the finance department. The truth is that financial management is the responsibility of the entire organization. Every action of every individual can be translated into either GOOD FINANCE MANAGEMENT or BAD FINANCE MANAGEMENT.
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Evaluation Of Capex Proposals - A fresh approach

Duration: 2 hours

A mistake made while taking a capital expenditure related decision can endanger the very existence of the organization. The session will provide a fresh look into evaluation of capital expenditure proposals and will cover measurement of Cost of Capital, Marginal Costing Principles, Discounted Cash Flow technique of evaluating proposals.
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“THANK YOU very much, for the excellent cooperation and wonderful support you have extended during the year, as well as in the past. Training programs conducted by you were very informative and knowledge – driven”

G. K. Aithal

Director – Training Centre
The Times Group

“This to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2-day program on finance for non-finance managers. Indeed, it was a most valuable learning experience which was fun as well.”

Fawzia Madni

General Manager, International Marketing
Bajaj Electricals Limited

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